Diastix is Great for Testing Drinks

For those people who are afraid of needles and blood testing, there is a safer alternative. It is not as accurate as blood tests, but they works just as fine. The urine dip sticks, such as the Diastix from Bayer, are a no-fuss way to test if you have sugar in your urine.

The mechanism is simple. Depending on the level of sugar in your body, it changes colour.



A similar product is Ketostix. Basically, it does the same job, but pick up on ketones, which you will get if you have sustained particularly high sugars for a while. Short-term, this is a way the body has of dealing with a situation where it has no other way to gain energy to keep going.

Both products are available over the counter at pharmacies as well as on prescription, so first of all talk with your doctor or pharmacist. If you think it might be helpful for you to keep a bottle of them in your bathroom cabinet in case you fancy finding out but don’t want to blood test.

The main advantage of Diastix is that it can also be used to test drinks that have a low or high quantity of sugar. To test a drink, the strip must be dipped and then compared to the color chart on the pot. The strip will reach its most accurate reaction within 30 seconds after being dipped in the drink.


If you do not want to dip the strip, you can also use a small pipette that is able to take a small drop of the drink needed for testing. The pipettes can be bought from either a pharmacy or home goods shop.

So, not only is Diastix great for testing sugar levels in the blood, but also in different drinks. Thus, patients suffering from diabetes can easily control what they drink.