Diastix Results

You owe it to yourself to get the most accurate Diastix results possible. It’s fairly easy and inexpensive to order Glucose Test Strips online. For instance, you can purchase a pack of 50 Diastix strips that contain a reagent area to test especially for glucose. The strips will change color if glucose shows up in the solution. Every color block will represent a range of values. The values will be nominal and vary. In short, you will read the results directly from the chart as negative or different degrees of positive, that signal significant levels of glucose.

Reading Diastix results will vary based on the product you purchase. The strips are made for in-vitro diagnostic use only. You will be required to dip and read the test to determine if glucose is present in the urine. More often than not, you will need to store the test strips at temperatures between fifteen and thirty degrees celcius. In addition to that, the strips should be kept away from direct sunlight.

For the best Diastix results, be sure to use a fresh urine specimen and place it in a clean, dry container. After removing one strip from the bottle, it’s important to replace the cap immediately. Dip the strip in the urine and remove it immediately. Get rid of excess urine by tapping the edge of the strip against the container or any other clean, dry surface. Diastix reagent strips give you the quickest and easiest method for testing your urine for glucose.