How to Read Keto Diastix

Keto Diastix is great to determine whether your pets are diabetic or not. The purpose of this urine testing method is two determine whether your pet’s blood sugar levels are going so high that the renal threshold is exceeded, but also to see if ketones are building up in your pet’s body.


Ketones are a by-product of fat metabolism, being released when the body does not produce enough insulin. The body can cope with a certain amount of ketones, which are flushed out of the body by the kidneys. However, if left unchecked, ketones build up over time, overwhelming the kidneys’ ability to eliminate them. When built up in the body for a long time, your pet can develop serious illnesses and even go into a coma.

This is why it is important to test not only your pet’s glucose in the urine, but also urinary ketones. This is why you should use Keto Diastix, a combination and test for both glucose and ketones. The first thing you should do is collect a urine sample from your pet. After that, you need to know how to read the Keto Diastix strips. Here is how to do that.

After collecting the urine sample, dip the strip into the urine and remove it immediately. Count to exactly 15 seconds and then match the color on the ‘Ketones’ area of the container – the pink area – with the inner square of the test strip – the right hand side one as seen in the picture.


Exactly 15 seconds after that – therefore 30 seconds in total – match the color on the “Glucose” band on the container – the green brown area – to the end square on the strop – the left hand side one as seen in the picture.

The Keto Diastix strips are really so time sensitive that you may want to use a watch or clock with a second hand on it. Respecting the 15-second and 30-second limits is very important for the accuracy of the test.

As seen in the picture, there are no ketones in the urine of the tested pet. However, the strip has gone dark brown on the outer glucose square, which means that the urine contains about 2% glucose. This pet has exceeded the renal threshold since it last went to the loo.

This is how to read Keto Diastix and test your pet for both glucose and ketones. The process is not that difficult, but you really need to be careful with the time. The hardest part will probably be collecting the urine sample from your pet!