Important Information About Diastix Urine Reagent Strips

Diastix Reagent strips for urinalysis provides a fast, convenient way of testing urine for the presence of glucose. The reagent strip is a firm plastic strip with a test area made of special chemicals that interact with the components in the urine. When dipped in urine, this test area changes color according to the amount of glucose in the urine. Collect the fresh urine specimen in a clean, dry container. Remove one strip from bottle and replace cap. Dip test area of strip in urine and remove immediately. Alternatively, you can wet the test area by passing strip through the urine stream. Tap the edge of the strip against the container of clean, dry surface to remove excess urine. Then compare the test area to the color chart exactly ten seconds after wetting. Ignore color changes that occur after ten seconds. 

The Reagent Strips are very useful since it is much safer than a blood test. The best part about this type of testing is the fact that not only humans can use it, but also animals benefit from it. The purpose of urine testing is two fold. Firstly you want to determine whether your cat’s blood sugar levels are going so high that the renal threshold is exceeded. Secondly, you want to see if ketones are building up in your cat’s body.

There are three types of urine testing strips associated with diabetes on the market. There are Diastix, Ketostix and Keto-Diastix. You can get any of these from any chemists without prescription, but they are normally behind the counter so you have to ask for them. The one that has a huge advantage is KetoDiastix. The latter comes in bottles of 50 plastic strips with two reactive squares on each strip. The strips are very sensitive to light, heat, moisture and you must not touch the little squares. If stored properly they will last for six months. There is even a little place on the bottle to write down the date you opened it. Make sure you do not use off a strip to adjust an insulin dosage. Urine strips can only tell you of the renal threshold was exceeded at any time since you had a pee. The urine strips hold a potential to reduce the symptoms of diabetes mellitus and long term ailments by helping you to keep a record of your insulin and glucose levels.