Urine samples using Diastix

Diastix is a testing stick or slip of paper that is dipped in urine to provide you with glucose levels. Generally these tests are taken after a fasting period of 24 hours and then the testing is done every 6 hours for the next 24 hours. The test strips change color and then the color is sampled against a chart which shows you if you are producing enough insulin.

Diabetes Mellitus is a condition that prevents the release of insulin from insulin producing organs in the body. If this insulin becomes unregulated then glucose is allowed to build up in the blood which will cause a direct diabetic reaction. These can cause the body to dysfunction, losing control of your breathing and even consciousness. Diastix testing sticks will help prevent this from happening if used regularly so that insulin levels are not allowed to drop to dangerous levels.

Symptoms of diabetes mellitus consist of having to pass urine frequently and being excessively thirsty or hungry. Treatment is just the same as any diabetic condition which may need a daily injection of insulin, a change in diet behaviors and the possibility of having to take oral medication. If left untreated the disease may cause kidney failure, heart disease, stroke and blindness known commonly as diabetic blindness.

Diastix hold the potential to reduce all of these symptoms and long term ailments by helping you to keep a regular monitor on your insulin and glucose levels. They have helped thousands of people around the world and have been use millions of times by all of these people. The product Diastix is doing very well commercially because of the growing world obesity problem which related to diseases such as diabetes and other known deadly diseases.