Using the Diastix

As a diabetic with type II diabetes if is essential that I check my glucose levels every day by either the means of a pin prick blood sample or from the use of a Diastix urine stick that tells me the amount of glucose that is in my system. Often I will want to go for an extended period of not getting pricked with a needle, especially at the times when my diet is under control and I do not need to have an insulin injection each day. It is these little bits of diabetic control that makes having diabetes a little bit more bearable and having to deal with it on a daily basis.

By using the Diastix I limit the needles I have to suffer because they do the same as the glucose level calculator I have to use. Sometimes I can go for quite a few weeks without having a shot thanks to the Diastix products. I buy them online because it is cheaper to buy in bulk and have them delivered to the door rather than buying them at the local pharmacy. The online products are exactly the same but I have the convenience of purchasing 4 to 5 packs for the price of 3 at the local store.