Where to find Diastix

When suffering from the disease that is known as diabetes the people that have the problem need to keep a constant watch on their blood sugar levels which can be done in several ways. The most common way to check your blood sugar is through using Diastix which is a thin sheet of cardboard which changes to different color if you have a high blood sugar level or a different color if you have a low blood sugar level. They way to find out this reading is by urinating on the cardboard stick and then checking the color on the back of the Diastix package where you will find the chart.

The Diastix product can be purchased online by the packet full and even in bulk by the carton which can save you money in the long run. Because diabetes is a disease that does not go away easily and often is with people for most of their lives the less you have to spend on the problem the better off you will be. The local pharmacy or drug store will also stock the Diastix testing kits however these are usually selected products that have been promoted by the pharmacy or products that sponsor the pharmacy and therefore the range will be limited. Buying the product online will usually give you the widest range to choose from as well as the cheapest options.